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Have you experienced or witnessed racism? Racism can take many forms: violence, insults, threats, exclusion, discrimination or psychological violence and so much more. You can report the incident to us using the reporting form below. Confidential and free of charge.

EACH ONE Monitoring seeks to make anti-Black racism in Berlin visible. By doing so we want to find ways to counteract it as a community and as a society as a whole.

Anti-black racism can occur in the form of the discrimination of Black people when looking for work or housing, during controls conducted by the police or security personnel, at school or public offices, as well as insults and attacks on the street, in the media and in our environment.

Those affected or witnesses can report cases of anti-Black racism to us. We document these incidents and write yearly reports on our findings. Black people experience racism every day. With the help of your reports, we can show that these are not isolated cases. The documentation and analysis of the cases reveal patterns and dynamics of anti-Black racism.

Your reported cases and the cases from our counseling service the foundation for us to formulate demands

The cases you report, together with the cases from our counseling service, form the basis for us to lobby politicians and society on anti-Black racism.  In addition your reported incidents allow us to respond more specifically to Black people’s needs and requirements  to focus on the most suitable course of action and empowerment.

Q & A

Those affected themselves, witnesses of an incident or people who have learnt about an incident from an affected person can report cases. It is important that the person reporting an incident has reliable knowledge or precise information about it.

To report an incident, you can use our report form on this website. 

Incidents can also be reported by email:

You can also make an appointment for a consultation with us. You can find more information here.

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