EACH ONE offers counselling for Black, African and Afro-Diasporic people in Berlin in all cases of discrimination:

>  in the search for work or housing,
>  in employment or housing,
>  when shopping or concluding contracts,
>  at school – whether as pupils, parents or teachers
>  on the street…

If discrimination is racially motivated, we’re talking about Anti-Black racism. But discrimination can also have other motives, such as:

>   Language,
>   Nationality, 
>   Religion, 
>   Worldview,
>   Disability, 
>   Age, 
>   Hostility towards women* and queer people,
>   Hostility towards Trans* and Inter* people,
>   Education, 
>   Income,
>   Family status,
>   …

This list is not exhaustive and usually different levels are in play. When this is the case, we speak of multiple discrimination, more specifically intersectionality.

We council according to the principles of empowerment and partisanship, which means that the person seeking advice with his or her history, desires and interests is at the centre of our work. In most cases, discrimination is subtle and difficult to grasp; sometimes there is even uncertainty as to whether it was discrimination at all. Those seeking advice can also turn to us in order to find words to express what they have experienced.

Specifically, EACH ONE offers initial and referral counselling. We first discuss the situation and find out what the person seeking advice wants to do (or not do), if and which intervention is desired. Depending on the case, those seeking advice will be informed about legal issues and suitable counselling offerings and, if necessary, will be forwarded. EACH ONE is well connected in Berlin as well as nationwide with anti-discrimination and victim advisory centres, lawyers, psychologists etc.

In our youth social counselling young people are able to find accurate and accompanying support. EACH ONE accompanies them on their journey through life and picks them up where they stand – with all the questions and problems that are relevant to them at the time. We know from EOTO youth work that the thread of homelessness and the search for housing, experiences of racism and discrimination, residence and criminal law problems, drug use or addiction, debts as well as violence and problems within the family are among the problem areas that young Black people encounter the most. Empowerment events, where young Black people come together, engage in exchange and design activities, are an important part of the work. In that way, children and young people (and their parents) have access to self-efficacy and participation at EACH ONE.

Kamerunerstraße 16,
 13351 Berlin


Anti-discrimination counseling:

Consultation hours: Thursdays 4-6 p.m., currently only by phone or video call. Tel.: 01771589381 (also available via Whatsapp. Feel free to call, leave message and phone no. and we will call you back).

Youth counseling:

Consultation hours: Tuesdays 4-6 p.m, currently only by phone or videocall. Tel: 015738466744 (also available via Whatsapp. Feel free to call, leave a message and phone number and we will call you back).

Book an appointment at:
+49 (0)30 983 24 177
+49 (0) 177 158 93 81 / +49 (0)157 384 667 44

Open anti-discrimination counselling: 
Thu 4pm – 6pm

Open social counselling: 
Tue 4pm – 6pm

*due to current workload, there is a waiting list and we will get back to you with suggested appointments. Individual appointments outside of office hours can also be arranged.


Do you know the feeling of being treated differently than others? That people don’t believe in your abilities, that you’re not taken seriously and that you’re being left out of consideration? Discrimination violates basic human rights and is prohibited by law – you have a right to participate and to be respected! In this video of the Anti-discrimination Association Germany (advd) e.V. you will learn how you can defend yourself against discrimination.



EOTO’s youth program stands for an innovative approach to education – with a focus on empowerment and community building. The project focuses on the expansion, intensification and further development of youth programs with Black people in Berlin and throughout Germany with an intersectional approach.



Anti-discrimination Association Germany (advd) e.V. is an umbrella organisation of independent anti-discrimination offices and counselling services. Its member organisations have many years of experience in anti-discrimination work with a focus on counselling and empowerment of people affected by discrimination.

State Office for Equal Treatment - Against Discrimination

The diversity of cultures and lifestyles is what makes the metropolis of Berlin so attractive. Democratic urban cultures and an appreciative coexistence support this diversity, and it is important to stand up for it time and again. It is equally important to enforce the rights of all people for equal treatment and non-discrimination. It is precisely for this purpose that the Senate has set up the State Office for Equal Treatment – Against Discrimination.