Dear communities, partners and allies,

EOTO has reorganised its youth and councelling work in relation to the COVID19 pandemic and related restrictions.
We would be pleased if you would share the information below with Black, African and Afrodiasporic people, communities and organisations.

EACH ONE counselling is available by phone, email and chat:
mail: eachone@eoto-archiv.de
Tel. anti-discrimination councelling: 0178 65 20 716
Tel. youth counselling: 0157 34 640 443
For further information, please also see our website: www.each-one.de

There are different online offers for young people:
The youth team tries to find alternatives to offer you a digital space. For this reason we have expanded our weekly program and hope to support you in your social distancing. In the coming weeks we will also offer an open chat to hear your wishes and ideas and think of how to implement them together. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date!

Monday/Wednesday: Netflix Party 20H
You need a Netflix account and Google Chrome.
Install Netflix Party at www.netflixparty.com and write to us via Instagram or email so we can send you the links to participate.

Tuesday: Counselling 16-18H
Counselling can be made via telephone. Please contact us via Instagram or e-mail. Leave your phone number and the counselling team will call you back on Tuesdays between 16-18 hrs and by appointment.

Tuesday/Thursday: Tutoring/Exam Preparation 16-20H
Tutoring and exam preparation for the Abi, MSA and (e)BBR will take place online. Please write us via Instagram or e-mail. Leave your phone number or e-mail address and the tutoring team will contact you as soon as possible.

Saturday 18.04. 18H(3rd Saturday of the month):
Young Black Queer*space Online Meeting for LGBIT*Q young people. Just write us an email.

Simply contact us at EOTO youth work:
Instagram: @eoto_blackyouth

For further information please visit our website: